We are inspired by so many things. Sometimes we are running errands and hear a song and think that would make a great video.
sometimes we are watching our newest netflix binge or a movie and we see a shot and just have to try to recreate it
sometimes we are inspired by the unconventional: long walks and the peaceful sounds of nature, laughing until we cry with friends, deep conversations about our past, present, and future. 

but our main source of inspiration is all you. Think of it this way, we get to spend hour upon hour of your wedding day getting to experience one of the most important days of your life. We watch how you love one another, we hear the music you love, we see how you handle all the nervous energy of your wedding day. We hear your lifelong vows to one another, watch you dance the night away. We are there for it all. Your love inspires us more than anything.   

a love letter to lovers

We are About August Films, Justin and Abbie, the people behind the cameras, lovers for life. We are thinkers and creatives. We are based in North Dallas, but are always down to travel. We have been married for three blissful years and love every part of our life together. From a cozy night in with our dog, Belly, to European adventures, we love to make the most out of this life together.  

Have you ever heard a song for the first time ever and you listen to it on repeat for hours? Windows down, volume up, hair blowing, warm sunshine. That’s how we came up with our name. The song August by Flipturn is exactly what we want our films to portray. Happy, warmth, a little nostalgic, soft. So we went with About August because that’s what our story is all about. 



We used it before the hipsters did.



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