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What is your videography
style during the wedding

I combine a laidback approach with direction
when needed. I strive to stay on schedule, but
if things fall behind, we problem shoot and find
solutions. I value collaboration with the other
vendors we are working with and love to create a
team environment where we can all work
together to make something beautiful

can we pick the music for our film?

So that you are able to legally post your video to any social platform, I use MusicBed to obtain our music licensing. Licensing music is the ethical and legal way to use music for your video, as the artist who creates the music has to be paid as well. There are thousands of options to choose from on MusicBed and I have made many curated playlist of songs we recommend. 

is audio included in all your packages?

Yes I do! Audio is a great personal touch to add to your video. People typically do vows, letters, speeches, or officiant and have even recorded a song written for the bride and groom. If you have an idea of your own please let me know.  

is drone included?

Yes , but not guaranteed as the weather may or may not permit.