Choosing a name for my business took some thought. I remember riding in the car at the time of day where sun is that gorgeous shade of orange you just feeling alive. My sister and I were chatting when the song "August" by Flipturn came on:

"August honey tasted sweeter with you."

I thought, "What about 'August Films'? It just feels right." My sister agreed, and I liked that "August" captured the vibe I wanted. She loved it and so did, but it was missing something. So I added “About” to the beginning of the name because august is what it is all about. 

About August Films

What defines me most is my love for joy. It's what makes life worth living. Whether it's taking a stroll under the sun, enjoying the company of my chocolate lab, Belly, or sharing laughter with my husband, Justin, happiness is always close at hand. From the simple pleasures of smell of champagne to the contentment of finishing a good book, joy finds its way into every corner of my world. It's in the refreshing embrace of the ocean waves and the warmth of slow mornings with a cup of coffee. I love this life and I find joy everywhere I go. And how fortunate am I, that my job is to capture the most joyful day of our lovely little lives? 

I'm Abbie <3

I'm Abbie <3

Your wedding day is a mosaic of fleeting moments—glimmers of joy, wonder, and connection that you experience throughout the day. As a memory keeper and moment catcher, it's my goal to capture these precious moments—the hand squeezes, the whispered words, the tears of joy running down your best friends face, your grandparents dancing to that song from their wedding, and the list just keeps going on forever.

Your glimmers are my inspiration, reminding me of the beauty in every fleeting moment and the profound significance of human connection.t

Your day in glimmers