Effortless, joyful & Poetic

For me, creating your wedding film is a co-creative process. You share with me moments filled with connection, emotion, and joy, and I, in turn, craft a film that encapsulates these elements of your special day. Through the use of audio overlays, nostalgic super 8 footage, cherished old iPhone videos, and carefully selected clips and audio captured during your celebration, I aim to craft a film that genuinely reflects the spirit of your wedding day as best as I can.

wedding films

I specialize documentary-style videography for couples seeking a wedding film filled with joy and natural beauty. My aim is to ensure that your film genuinely captures the essence of your special day, allowing you to relive each moment as it truly happened.

-coverage 6-10 hours
-30 second teaser trailer 
-8-12 minute highlight film
-online access 

-audio overlays
-super 8 
-full ceremony 
-full toast

Incorporating an audio overlay allows for the subtle inclusion of your loved ones' voices—family, friends, officiant, and even your own—adding a unique touch to your film that captures the essence of your day in an original way. I do this by incorporating vows, toast, officiant, or any other audio overlays of your choosing. 

I take pleasure in integrating Super 8 film into your wedding video, offering a hint of vintage charm. If you're unfamiliar with Super 8, think of the nostalgic home movies from decades past. Visit my film page to see how this feature seamlessly enhances your film.

Your personal iPhone videos hold sentimental value and can enrich your wedding film, bringing depth to your footage. These snippets provide a heartfelt glimpse into your relationship, complementing your wedding day memories.

Curating the best clips and audio from your wedding day is an important aspect of my process. From the abundance of footage captured, I select those that authentically represent the essence of your celebration.

Additionally, I offer add-ons such as full ceremony coverage, complete speeches, and full first dances. Feel free to inquire for more information!